19 September 2017

Adobe Photoshop Announces New Pen Tool

Video screenshot via Adobe Creative Cloud


After nearly 30 years, Adobe Creative Cloud says it will be releasing a ‘curvature pen tool’ this year. The announcement is a breath of fresh air for creatives, since the original default pen tool tends to work inflexibly.


Rather than the frustrating anchor-and-drag method, the new pen tool lets you create curves in all the right places—intuitively and automatically. A single click creates a curve, and corners are formed with every double-click. To make adjustments, you need only click on the anchor points of your object.


The curvature pen tool will be ready when the next version of Adobe Photoshop CC rolls out later this year. Watch the demo to see how it works.


By Mikelle Leow


[via The Next Web, video via Adobe Creative Cloud, video screenshots via Adobe Creative Cloud]