10 November 2017

A Useful Guide To Color Correcting Images

Color-correcting images may be a basic task in the design studio that even junior designers are expected to be adept at—however, mastering it may not be as easy as you would think.


While most of work is done through design software such as Photoshop, it is the human in front of the screen who would have to make subtle tweaks that make a big difference in what the final image look like.


Website Creative Bloq has put together a short guide on color correction that would come in particularly handy for new designers—in a nutshell, color correction is about adjusting the levels of the various colors present in an image so that it looks vibrant and attractive.


Most of the time, the goal is to make the image appear more vivid, rich and inviting. To do so, the colors in certain parts of the image would have to stand out in the right way—for lack of a better word, they have to “pop.”


To be able to make the right color selection, designers would first have to have a basic understanding of color theory principles—for instance, which colors are complementary and could be used to balance each other out.


Learn more about color correction on Creative Bloq—do you have any personal tips on how to nail color correction?


By: Dorothy Tan