13 March 2020

AI Forum of NZ welcomes govt's new digital council


The AI Forum of New Zealand is throwing its support behind the government's launch of the new Digital Council, saying it is taking its digital understanding to the next level.


The Digital Council will act as a government advisor, drawing on the expertise of the new board, made up of a collection of domain experts.


According to its website, the Digital Council advises the government on how to maximise the societal benefits of digital and data-driven technologies to increase equality and inclusivity, wellbeing and community resilience.


"As an independent group, the Digital Council is uniquely-placed to act as a bridge and connector between the government, the technology industry and communities across New Zealand," it says.


"The Digital Council will engage broadly to provide advice to the Government on ways to maximise the opportunities, and minimise the risks, that digital transformation can bring."


The Digital Council for Aotearoa New Zealand (the Digital Council) is convened by the Hon. Kris Faafoi, Minister for Government Digital Services, and the Hon. James Shaw, Minister of Statistics.


Rachel Kelly, an executive member from the AI Forum of New Zealand, is included in the council line up.


"The government has to tackle some big topics across the New Zealand tech ecosystem, and I am sure the Digital Council will help enormously,"  AI Forum of New Zealand executive director Emma Naji says.


"Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant positive impact, not only on New Zealand's trade and commerce, but on the fundamental ways we live and work," she says.


"It is vital that we take every opportunity to shape and secure our future as early as possible."


As a non-governmental organisation which brings together the New Zealand AI ecosystem, Naji says the AI Forum is well placed to offer support from our comprehensive research and huge community of AI experts.


"It is fantastic to see Rachel Kelly, who sits on our executive board, involved in the Digital Council and we will support her in any way we can," she adds.


"We are looking forward to future collaboration and wish the Digital Council every success in their endeavours."


Meanwhile, Digital Council member Rachel Kelly says there are a number of 'incredible industry leaders and sector groups within New Zealand, working diligently to raise the technology bar and ensure new digital solutions at-scale can benefit all Kiwis'.


"It gives me immense pleasure to add my voice and passion to the Digital Council," she says.


"In collaboration with this incredible team of industry experts and the broader tech ecosystem, I look forward to re-imagining and co-designing what trust and inclusion might like in a world of digital and how New Zealand can become a lighthouse in this space."


By Shannon Williams



Source: IT Brief