24 March 2024

The Design Conference - GIVEAWAY

The Design Conference is an event for creatives. Each year we navigate the future of design, including how you can be an active participant. Attendees are offered an opportunity to evolve their practice through an elevated way of thinking. From professional insights and advice to anecdotes of self-care and growth, this experience is designed to help you find your path, expand your mind and learn from those who came before you. We discuss more than the future direction of design — but what design means to the world's best creatives. The Design Conference is a wonderfully confronting experience for creatives who want to own their futures, expand their minds and use their time to make a meaningful impact.


Bring your hopes, dreams and ambitions on an uncommon journey into creativity, culture and leadership. Get connected to a deepened sense of self while gently expanding your mind and circle. Be bold. Let the transformation begin. Choose TDC.

Giveaway details

We have 1x 3 Day Stream Ticket for this years Design Conference, taking place in Brisbane on June 5th - 7th 2024. To enter, CLICK HERE. Giveaway winner will be contacted on May 24th 2024.


For more details and information regarding the conference, click here.