29 August 2019

Negotiation Masterclass - Fundamentals to Succeed in Business



The Problem.


We negotiate every day - with business partners, suppliers, customers, clients, loved ones...everyone. But no one ever shows us how to approach these tricky conversations. It leaves you underpaid, disempowered and unsure of how to get more for what you offer.


Do you want to set higher rates for your work but are unsure how?

Do you find discussions around money and pricing uncomfortable?

Do you struggle to set boundaries and create a business relationship that works for you?

You're not alone. In fact, you're in the majority of NZ business owners who wish they could be paid more for what they do.


The Solution.


Learn the tools, tactics and mindset to give you the confidence to win. More importantly, unlearn your old strategies that just aren't working.

Learn how to get better prices for your services.

Renegotiate rates with current clients and suppliers.

Craft the perfect pitch for a new piece of business.

Land more sales through a better understanding of your customers.


The How.


This is a unique approach to negotiation that focuses on building relationships, communication, empathy and understanding others. These tactics will get you the outcome you want more easily. Gone are the days where you need to be aggressive or dominant to win.

What would your business and life be like if you were confident and powerful in any negotiation?

How much more money would you make this year?

How much more quickly would you reach your goals?

How much would you love your life and business?




+ Set rates: Asking for higher prices with customers

+ Master your mindset: Framing, naming & removing barriers

+ Win through empathy: Gaining a deep understanding of the other person/party

+ Find hidden motivating factors, pressures & alternatives

+ Ask great questions: How and what to ask (and when) to uncover the things you need to know

+ Choose words that win: Specific phrases and scripts that will get you to YES

+ Navigate difficult negotiations: Diffuse negative emotions and find common ground




Team builders
Those who navigate difficult conversations
Go-getters who want to advance in their industry


This Masterclass is lead by Kristen Wonch, Founder & Director of The Workshop Auckland.


She previously worked as a Crude Oil Trader, negotiating multimillion-dollar deals with global customers. She generated over $1.2 million in trading profit in her first year of trading. She has since built a successful 6-figure business in Auckland, creating international partnerships and growing her customer base at a rapid pace in a highly competitive market.



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