7 June 2022

Inside Dali

'Inside Dalí' is a new world-class multimedia exhibition and highly anticipated multi-sensory experience that will be on display at Spark Arena from 28 May - 30 June 2022!


The event offers an opportunity to transcend time and space as you experience the world of Dalí in an exhibition that combines cutting-edge digital technology, imagery, real objects, and illusions.


The world-class multimedia experience will be on display from May 28 - 30 June at Auckland’s Spark Arena. It then goes to the Air Force Museum of New Zealand in Christchurch from July 11 - 26 August. Book your tickets today!


Profiling one of the 20th century’s greatest surrealist painters, Salvador Dalí, the exhibition combines cutting-edge technology, imagery, real objects, and illusions.


Audiences will be given a fascinating insight into some of Dalí’s famous masterpieces and a full chronological trip through Dalí’s life in pictures; the Divine Comedy Room that will show Dalí’s controversial commission for Alighiere’s Dante’s Inferno; as well as the Mirror Room where viewers will be exposed to Dalí’s surrealist work in a 360-degree setting.

The immersive experience will captivate audiences of all ages with floor-to-ceiling high-resolution moving imagery of surrealist masterpieces and surround sound.


Direct from Florence, Italy, visitors can learn more about Dalí's flamboyant personality and fascination for classical and renaissance art in real interviews with the artist himself. There is something for everyone at 'Inside Dalí'.


For complete tour and ticket information, visit:


(Please be aware the exhibition contains some nudity and imagery. Discretion is advised.)